Church Plant: Bago City, Philippines

History of this Church Plant

In 2017, Dr. Keith Peters went to the Philippines in search of a ministry to help support. After meeting Pastor Aguirre, an ambitious church planter, Dr. Keith Peters came back to Cheney Baptist Church and recommended we support Pastor Aguirre's new church plant. After prayerfully considering, Cheney Baptist Church felt led by God to support it.

Dr. Keith Peters was present during the church plant service in 2017, where over 150 people accepted salvation through Christ. Our Associate Pastor, Daniel Peters, has visited their ministry multiple times.


- Bible Studies: He has various Bible studies throughout Bago City, aswell as Bacolod, which is a larger city on his island that he hopes to plant a church someday. His example and dedication has inspired other leaders in his church to start additional Bible studies, such as within the schools and local villages.


- Kidz Jam: Every week, he and his volunteers spread out across the city and have Sunday School type lessons for young children. So, instead of waiting for the young kids to come to his church, he decided to bring the gospel message to them in their villages.


- Youth Jam: in addition to bringing the gospel to young children within the communities, pastor Aguirre also has worship services on Friday Evenings that are specifically for the youth in his community to attend and learn more about God.


-Workshop: In an effort to attract people to the church, he and his volunteers host free workshops at the church where they teach people different skills, such as how to sing, play instruments, and even how to make macrame bags. This ministry has not only been successful in bringing in new attenders, but also in equipping the attenders to help out in future ministries, such as being on the worship team.


- BBCA (Baptist Bible College of Asia): Pastor Aguirre has helped start and lead the BBCA branch in Bago City. Additionally, he volunteers as one of the professors


- Church Camp: not only does Pastor Aguirre have numerous evangelistic outreaches throughout the year, but one specific outreach that has been very successful was a mobile church camp that he, along with the organization he is under, had on his island. This Church camp outreach resulted in over 1,000 people accepting salvation.

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