Meet Our Staff



Senior Pastor: Dr. Keith Peters













Pastor Keith and his wife Linda are the proud parents of ten children. He has Pastored four churches in three states since 1987 as well as founding the Grace Counseling Center. His educational and professional experiences have taken him down different paths than many ministers and his formal education reflects his priorities and passions.

He holds a Ph.D in counseling which reflects his desire to see people come to freedom, health, and maturity in Christ. (II Tim. 2:22-26) The church cannot be stronger than its people and families. As God’s people heal and mature, they are better equipped to become instruments of God’s healing in the lives of others. (II Cor. 1:3-6)

He also holds a Doctorate in Ministry which reflects his commitment to “perfect the saints” so that they are better equipped “for the work of the ministry” (Eph. 4:12).

His spiritual gifts of teaching and exhortation are consistent with these priorities and passions. His pulpit ministry is also a reflection of these gifts and goals and is designed to provide practical application of scriptural principles enabling personal healing and maturity leading toward relational and ministry effectiveness.

Associate/Youth Pastor & Missionary Director: Daniel Peters

Daniel has been working with our youth department since 2015, but stepped in as the Associate Pastor early in 2018. He graduated with his Bachelors from Liberty University at the age of 20 (B.S. in biblical and theological studies), and later went on to complete two Masters degrees there (M.A. in Theology & M.Div. in Theology).

He has been on the Missionary Committee at Cheney Baptist Church since 2014. In 2020, he was asked to step into the role of Missionary Director. He has had the opportunity to travel to several different countries on mission trips, often visiting different foreign ministries that are partially supported by Cheney Baptist Church.

Daniel is currently engaged to be married to his fiancé, Lily Aguirre (Pictured above). They met in the Philippines when Daniel became involved in a ministry that Lily helps lead. She is a native to the Philippines but, just like Daniel, she is willing to serve God wherever God leads her. So, they are not sure what their future ministry might look like, but they are sure that they will continuing to serve God faithfully in ministry. As for now, Daniel plans to continue to serve for the next several years at Cheney Baptist Church as the Associate Pastor and Missionary Director. Eventually, he hopes to continue his education by pursuing a Ph.D. in theology.

Music Ministry Coordinator