To consistently embrace the vision of our Pastor and church; to be A Caring, Christ-Centered, ministry with an agenda which glorifies God.

The Worship & Music Ministry mission work hand in hand with the church’s beliefs, whereby, disciples are equipped for service in the area of Music and Worship through Music in order to minister effectively to the congregation, for the congregation, and with the congregation, through instrumental and vocal praise and worship with the highest level of quality and excellence;

To exalt God,

To edify the church, and

To witness to those who are unsaved

The Music & Arts Ministry of Cheney Baptist Church is a biblically-based ministry that is both evangelical and inspirational in nature. The Music Ministry seeks to save the unsaved, and to inspire the saved through the lifting up of praises of and to God by singing music that is supported by Scripture, led by the Holy Spirit, and sensitive to the goings on of the church. The Worship & Music Ministry provides an opportunity for spiritual growth for those who sing and endeavors to usher the congregation into the presence of the Lord so as to prepare hearts for the reception of God’s Word. The Music Ministry strives to offer a broad spectrum of sacred music, including hymns, traditional and contemporary gospel, and praise & worship songs.